Leverage the Power of Information

As a strategy-driven business analytics consultancy for enterprise clients, we help maximize the value of your data by conveying actionable insights and a clear, customized roadmap to address your most critical business priorities.

Interpres research is an analytics effectiveness consultancy empowering smarter, agile, data-informed company cultures.

Analytics is an important engine for business growth. Good analytics delivers business growth. Excellent analytics provides sustainable business growth. Across six continents, we are united by a common mission: to empower informed decision making by more people, more often.

Using data, analytics and technology, our consultants help measure performance and deliver growth in profit and market share.

This is the type of analytics that creates value for an enterprise. From Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) to Predictive modelling our analytics consultants can help you grow your organization

Our digital analytics consultants track, analyze, and improve online experiences to gain a competitive advantage

Evaluate and optimize the success of your marketing activities to maximize ROI

Gain insights into how you can optimize your customer proposition, experience and monetization process

Improve and personalize the user experience to increase conversions and ROI.

Measure your performance against goals and objectives more clearly via automatic dashboards and tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Data Studio and more

We help you identify and isolate a market segment and conduct analysis to optimize the monetization of that revenue stream

We assist in the recruitment process by identifying and placing high performing employees

At Interpres research, our aim is to provide the necessary knowledge to enhance decision making